I think it’s the best soap and I hope you do too.

Hi my name is Teri I’m the maker and owner of T. Louise soaps. I’ve been making soaps for 4 years and it all started pretty organically. I was interested in soap making so I taught myself by watching the soap queen you tube channel. I love her! Her support to the soaping community is so amazing. Well, I had made several batches of soap over the next few months practicing my new craft. I really fell in love with the whole process. Next thing I knew I had over 400 bars of soap. A family member that designs handcrafted earrings (Chasing Daisy Designs) suggested I take them to our local market. Over the next year I was making soaps to take to market and sharing with friends and family. I received such a positive response I decided to open an Etsy shop, TLOUISEHAMEMADESOAPS. Since I’ve been open I’ve added handmade body butters and gift boxes.

The feedback I’ve received was so incredible, It encouraged me to make better bar of soap. What I came up with was a Coconut-free and Palm-free bar.  I think this is important because you don’t realize how many people are allergic to coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a staple ingredient for most soap.  My formula was inspired by a customer that was allergic to most soap ingredients, which was a challenge. In the end I crafted a soap she loved and I kept as my signature formula for all my soaps. I think it’s the best and I hope you do to.
T. Louise Handmade soaps - Owner
Thanks for visiting my page. T.