Teri here, owner and operator of T. Louise Soaps. I've been producing soap for four years, and it all started rather organically. I was interested by the process of making soap and started to educate myself by watching videos and reading all I could about it. As a result, over the next two months, I honed my new craft by creating countless batches of soap and fell in love with the whole process. Before I knew it, I had approximately 400 bars of soap! A family member suggested I sell them at our neighborhood farmer's market. I spent the next year making soaps to sell at markets and give to friends and family. Due of the positive response, I decided to launch an Etsy shop named TLOUISESOAPS.

The response I've received over the past few years has been so captivating that it's inspired me to produce a new and improved soap that is coconut-free. I believe this is significant since many individuals are sensitive to coconut oil, which is a common component in soap. My new formula was inspired by a client who was allergic to the majority of the soap ingredients, which presented a dilemma. Finally, I created a soap she adored which became my trademark formula for all of my soaps. I believe it is the best, and I hope you agree.
We are located in Central Texas, family-owned and operated small batch soap business. Utilizing a cold process approach, plant-based ingredients are blended with therapeutic grade essential oils, phthalate-free fragrances, and natural colorants. Our bars are durable, long-lasting, and naturally effective, leaving your skin soft and clean.

It's the best, in my opinion, and I hope you agree.


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Thanks for visiting my page. Teri